About us

Integrated Moving Solutions (IMS) was created by a group of moving professionals and business professionals with the objective of transforming the industry. There is a limited supply of household moving assets as well as employees to load the trucks and drive them to their new destinations. Quality is also lacking in many respects, especially with the inability to get reliable service and move dates during the busy times of the moving season. By leveraging uniquely designed containers, delivery systems, and extensive cloud based logistical software and GPS technology, IMS is able to harness the supply of delivery assets in the freight industry and create a reliable and cost effecting service platform for the movement of household goods.

Our approach and platform is further focused on making smaller LTL shipments, (both household and commercial) easier, more cost effective, and more reliable. We do this though the deployment of innovative containers that are ‘right sized’ and easily adapted to the freight industry infrastructure with our software and integrated GPS technology.

IMS’s Management Team, Board Members, Shareholders, and Advisors have extensive experience. Two Board Members are former PODS Dealers that have exited successfully. Another Board Member – our CTO has developed 2 other related software platforms that are currently operating successfully in multiple related enterprises. IMS’s software development team also has extensive experience in both software development and in the business processes of the moving & storage and freight industries having developed other successful related platforms. Our CEO is an experienced operator having operated and owned over 6 companies and taken one public.

Our Team

Jack Arslanian
Partner and Executive Vice President
John Tompkins CRP
Partner and Board Member
John Alianello
Executive Vice President
Jay V. Senerchia
Partner and Advisor
Vuhar Mamedov
Partner and Advisor
Oleksandr Trofimov
Partner and Technology Advisor
13 Jones Road Middleton, MA 01949
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